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Actually *two* quotes.

In describing his time as a war correspondent in the Middle East:

We used to repeat to one another bastardized versions of an apt old quote from Winston Churchill:  “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.”

And in discussing televangelist Ted Haggard on whom he’d reported on frequently before his downfall:

For all of Ted’s hypocrisy and deception, there was one issue on which he did not waver:  his faith.  “I never fell away from God,” he told me.  When I pointed out that it was his religious beliefs that forced him to live a lie for so many years, he countered that it was the “culture of hatefulness” in the modern church that did that, not the core teachings of Jesus himself.  In his darkest moments, when he was living in that apartment in Arizona, crying every day for a year and a half and actively contemplating suicide, his faith was his main source of comfort.  It gave him the sense that his travails were part of a larger plan, that even if everyone on earth hated him, his creator did not.  “I knew with assurance,” he said, “that God cared for me.”