All Stuffed Up with Virtue

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From a article about Kylie Jenner posted on May 18, 2018:

Kylie Jenner was seen filming her new reality series Life of Kylie in West Hollywood on Wednesday.

The 19-year-old rocked a revealing sports bra and skintight shorts for the outing, putting her impressive figure on display.

It is unknown if the title of the upcoming spin-off is a conscious play on the 2001 novel Life Of Pi, by Yann Martel, which served up readers a surprisingly sagacious religious allegory.

The novel centers on the conflict between a shipwrecked boy from Pondicherry, India, and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker who are trapped on a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The narrative, in the end, appears to be a revised history fabricated by the now grown boy, who dramatically retells his painful and traumatic experience to a writer. Essentially, he made up the story of the tiger to psychologically bypass dealing with the trauma of losing his family in a horrible accident at sea.

Obviously, for the studious Kylie Jenner fan, the title Life of Kylie could be a clear allusion to the reality star’s own struggle with former beau Tyga, whose name cannot help but bring to mind the Bengal tiger plaguing the poor kid from Pondicherry on his lifeboat.

However, when it comes to the reality series it may be a far greater challenge to decipher between the fabricated storylines and the truth, even for the most keen viewers of the upcoming show.


Suge Knight looked exactly as you might expect:  ill-fitting golf shirt, chains, and jeans with mysterious bulges that didn’t look anatomical.

Nailed it.

And Gloria Vanderbilt on the secret of youth:

“Curiosity. If you’re always curious, that’s the fountain of youth. You will never feel old.”

Actually *two* quotes.

In describing his time as a war correspondent in the Middle East:

We used to repeat to one another bastardized versions of an apt old quote from Winston Churchill:  “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.”

And in discussing televangelist Ted Haggard on whom he’d reported on frequently before his downfall:

For all of Ted’s hypocrisy and deception, there was one issue on which he did not waver:  his faith.  “I never fell away from God,” he told me.  When I pointed out that it was his religious beliefs that forced him to live a lie for so many years, he countered that it was the “culture of hatefulness” in the modern church that did that, not the core teachings of Jesus himself.  In his darkest moments, when he was living in that apartment in Arizona, crying every day for a year and a half and actively contemplating suicide, his faith was his main source of comfort.  It gave him the sense that his travails were part of a larger plan, that even if everyone on earth hated him, his creator did not.  “I knew with assurance,” he said, “that God cared for me.”

Jim Gaffigan discussing parenthood:

When my son Jack was four, he pointed to a car antenna and said, “Look Daddy, stick.”  I clarified: “Actually, that is an antenna.”  Jack then asked, “What’s an antenna?”  After realizing I had no idea how an antenna worked, I emplained, “It’s a stick…A metal stick.  You nailed it, buddy.”

Jen Lancaster discussing how she discovered the key to happiness through her pit bull, Maisy:

I’ve discovered the Tao of Maisy, which entails three steps:

Be awesome.
Give awesome.
Get awesome.

I think I’ll try it myself.

After the high bar set with the first two Bridget books, this was sadly, a very disappointing read.  There were no laughs to be found, and only the following line in the book made me smirk.

Says Bridget, of twitter:

Cannot figure out how to put up photo.  Is just empty egg-shaped graphic.  Is fine!  Can be photo of self before was conceived.

And it’s not even her quote:

As Woody Allen once said, “Nothing worth knowing can be understood with the mind.  Everything really valuable has to enter you through a different opening.”